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Advil, Chocolate and running shoes please.

So here i am at the park with my wards, Small Stuff and Big Brother. Oh to be carefree and run wildly around the playground. Actually, i just want their metabolisms.

Im having a woe is me Ive gained 7 pounds day. Im also cramping (but on the plus side that also means im not pregnant, something i was fearing) My mind is having a bad day. I cant seem to put into words everything i am feeling. I want kids. But when? Weve been married 5 years. Im turning 28 this year. So what? Plenty of people have kids in their 30s? Why does it bother me? So as you can read, my mind both wants and does not want children presently.

My head is throbing.

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Adventures in Nanny-land

You know its not going to be good when you hear "oh cool! Did you pee in it?" I was cooking the boys spaghetti for lunch when i heard this. I found them in the bathroom with a cup, eye dropper, chemistry vials and some sort of blue green liquid. Granted, both their parents are scientists, so the chemistry vials did not alert me so much as the pee comment. I later had to confiscate 2 bottles of sunscreen from Small Stuff as he was collecting more items to "experiment" on, including dog shampoo and lotion. Im not quite sure how their dog has survived as long as he has.


Things List

Things I need to do:
Clean office
Finish Laundry
Pick up Contacts
Pay Bills
Run/Go to Gym

Things I want to do:

✓ Eat Cookies
✓ Play WoW

Things aren't looking good for my day off.
So I'm trying to take a nice bath and read a historical-fiction novel about Vermeer's paintings when my husband knocks on the door to tell me my 7 month old Puppy wants me.

Now, I guess the TWO closed doors of the bathroom weren't enough to deter any unwanted disturbance but I get out and let poor pitiful puppy  come in and see me. Five minutes later my bookmark is in shreds on the floor, I've lost my place and my bath water seems cold. Oh, and then my cat sticks her paws underneath the door, grabs my bra, and she and my puppy start having a tug o'war for my cups. /le sigh

Husband Rant Blog

Part of my life is that of being a wife.
I love my husband. He is a hardworker, a saint, a dedicated man, a breadwinner.

But every once in awhile (and thankfully it's really very rarely) he does something really really thoughtless.

Exhibit A: I bought my puppy a dress. (I didnt say this was a logical blog post)
It was a darling dress I bought at a specialty pet shop. I put it on her tonight. Husband decides to take it off.
Husband cant figure out how to take it off. Husband gets frustrated and grabs scissors and CUTS the straps off dress and throws said dress away. Now, I didnt find out about this til 2 hours later. Bro-in-law says he saw red flags all over husbands decision, but husband didnt listen (therefore making sure bro-in-law is not blamed.)

Nanny Blog

Never a dull day in the life of this nanny. Yesterday the 5 year old (i should come up with psuedo names for them both) pulled his pants down outside of his taekwondo class because he needed to pee. Today, same 5 year old , aka Small stuff, wipes out on his razor scooter and has a nice bruised welp on his chin for us to show the parents when they get home. The 7 year old, aka Big Brother, is screaming in the background for me to open the patio door so he can put his scooter away, while im frantically checking Small Stuff for broken bones. We were just supposed to have a quiet day and go to the library.

I heard about a site, shitmykidsruined.com
If you work with children in any capacity or have kids of your own, you should check it out for a laugh.

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So I havent LJ'd in awhile but after getting back on to join my new World of Warcraft guild forum, I decided to also use my journal to update about my life as a female gamer, aspiring runner, weight loss extraordinaire, wife, pet owner and nanny! Yeah, that pretty much sums me up.

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New Years Resolutions anyone?
I gave up caffeine. Yes, my beloved 20oz bottled Diet Coke's have gone to that great recycling bin in the sky. Why did I give up caffeine? My husband's blood pressure was astronomically high and the doctor told him to give up the soda-crack. After one week off the caffeine, his blood pressure was below normal. After a few days of withdrawal headaches and gnashing of teeth, I found I was eating less and not ravenously thirsty all the time. Who knew caffeine caused increased hungry?! WebMD did apparently.

Weight Loss Blog

Don't feel like updating.

My beautiful Persian cat has been sick and we have to have
her euthanized tonight so she is no longer in pain.

I've lost weight but that seems a trivial point at the moment.

Total pounds lost: 60