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I keep having this reoccuring dream that the world as we know it has ended and I am part of a group of survivors. In each dream I am out scavenging for supplies by myself. I always find odd things i know I can trade, like dog food and tampons. In the dream there is a "bad guy" always chasing me but i dont know who or why. I apparently am a badass cause I have a gun and drive like a bat out of hell. I always stumble across another group of survivors but they are secretly evil and when i discover this i wake up...

Maybe I should explore this and write a book!

Or maybe I should lay off the late night snacks.


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Move Inc!

So tonight is the night! When i get home from work my computer desk will have been disassembled by my husband and we will spend the evening cleaning the house, puttying nail holes in the walls (gotta get that deposit back!), packing the last of our essentials and then heading to dinner with my brother in law to say goodbye.

My husband will drive up tommorow morning along with the movers, and i will stay here as i still work tommorow, then drive up in the evening.

This isnt a very interesting post but now you know i am MIA for a reason and will have internet again hopefully by Friday night ;)

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One Week!

Im offically exhausted.

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So we officially move in one week. Pretty much all i've done the past few days is play Sims Social, pack and call to cancel and re-setup utilities, forward mail and bills etc... The animals (see pic) seem to be taking the move well so far. They are "helping" us pack, by which I mean we are tripping over them and shooing the cat out of EVERY box we pack.




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GF Shopping Trip!

So I went for an expedition to Sprout's Farmers Market grocery store today in search of Gluten Free/Wheat Free yumminess!

I picked up some great little cookies that are both GF but also low calories!

These Lucy's Brand cookies are lovely! They have a nice, light, sweet taste and are only 130 calories per serving (for 3 cookies!) They are perfect with coffee! Im happy to report my first venture back into GF is tasty!

Workout Training Schedule

So with my venture into Taekwondo and training for my 5k, I need a schedule to keep my classes and running days in order.

Monday - TKD 9-10am
Tuesday - 5k run training
Wednesday - TKD 9-10am
Thursday - 5k run training
Friday - Rest Day
Sat/Sun - Hiking

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So, I have a food intolerance. It's not an allergy; I wont keel over and die if I eat it, cursing my beloved Pop Tart as I take my last breath. Nope, my body just doesn't process wheat or gluten well. If I eat it, I feel tired and I usually have a lot of headaches. So what has my solution been for the past 4 years?? EAT LOTS OF YUMMY WHEATY-GLUTEN FILLED FOODS, take naps and enjoy Advil everyday. In other words, ignore it.

So I was diagnosed with this food intolerance almost 6 years ago. I stuck to it for 2 years and I actually lost a lot of weight (no hamburgers and pizza for you when intolerant to wheat.) And it was great. I felt great. I had more energy than I had felt in years. Then I was like, WRU yummy food? So I threw it out the window and drove to the nearest McDonald's.

So now, with great reluctance I am heading back into the world of a wheat-free/gluten-free diet.
Reluctance because when you commit to being wheat-free you give up a lot of normalcy. You don't realize how much wheat flour is used (in rice mixes, soups, soy sauce, ketchup, vinegars, pudding, and pretty much anything with whole grain, multi-grain on the label just to name a few). It's almost impossible to go out to eat with friends. Thankfully I live in California where a lot of people choose a gluten/wheat free lifestyle so many mainstream storms here carry those products. Our lovely local Yogurtland being one of them (thank you Red Cupcake Batter yogurt for being gluten-free!!)

I'll probably post random lovely wheat and gluten-free things I find at the store on my LJ so now you'll know why! It's been 4 years since I actively shopped for those items so here's hoping they have improved in taste since then -_-

All is full of love...

You'll be given love
You'll be taken care of
You'll be given love
You have to trust it

Maybe not from the sources
You've poured yours into

Maybe not
From the directions
You are staring at

Twist your head around
It's all around you
All is full of love
All around you

All is full of love
You just ain't receiving
All is full of love
Your phone is off the hook
All is full of love
Your doors are shut
All is full of love.

-   Björk - All Is Full Of Love

Run like an Egyptian

Went running again today. For my own tracking purposes, i did 2 laps around the park! Yay. I need to track it next time on my distance app.

Running is 10% body and 90% mindset. My new mindset is Cleopatra. Keep my head held high! Im running, damnit! You looking at me? You should, i'm Cleopatra!!

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Run like the..sloth?

Went for a run today. Well, more of a heaving, breathless, lunge forward kind of jog, but whatever. Im training for a 5k on November 6. Its been over a year since my last fundraiser run and ive also put on 20 pounds since then. So what better motivation than to not look like a lumbering sloth on race day.

Goal: lose 20 pounds in 11 weeks + run 5k = win!!

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